Provide a JSON array and an array containing values to replace.

Create an instance of FindAndReplaceJson call replace and pass in the JSON array and array of replacing values.

JSON is returned with the replaced values. Keys can also be replaced by specifying named keys in $replaces array.

$payload = json_encode([
    'name'   => 'Joe Bloggs',
    'age'   => 23,
    'location' => 'London',

//let's replace the values for age and location
$replaces = [
    'age' => 45, 
    'location' => "Manchester"

$runner = new FindAndReplaceJson();
return $runner->replace($payload, $replaces);


  "name": "Joe Bloggs",
  "age": "45",
  "location": "Manchester"

By default, JSON is expected but a normal array can be used by passing false as the third argument to FindAndReplaceJson. When the set to false FindAndReplaceJson expects an array and will return an array.

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